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Becoming More Active

Keys To Buying Vintage Wind Deflectors For A Classic Car

by Rose Mitchell

Thanks to wind deflectors, your side windows won't be as impacted by the elements, like water and dirt. If you're looking to buy a vintage set of deflectors for a classic car, here are some protocols worth remembering.

Consider Chrome For the Material

If you want these wind deflectors really making a statement on the side of your classic car's windows, then you might opt to go chrome. It's really shiny and thus easy to spot regardless of what type of classic car you're getting these parts for. Wind deflectors made out of chrome also have a natural resistance to corrosion, which is definitely going to help you keep these vintage parts in great condition over the years. Wherever your classic car goes, you can trust chrome wind deflectors won't present a bunch of structural issues. That's especially true if you clean them regularly. 

Work With a Vintage Part Supplier

Buying parts for a classic car may not be as easy as buying parts for a modern one, considering the parts are no longer made, but you won't struggle with this wind deflector purchase if you work with a vintage part supplier from the start. They should have easier access to vintage wind deflectors since they specialize in these older parts. You can give them specs of your classic car and they can see if they have wind deflectors in stock that will work perfectly. This saves you a long search process and potentially getting the wrong deflectors.

Make Sure Mounting Tape Is High-Quality

One of the easiest ways to get wind deflectors installed on a vintage car is to use mounting tape. It may already come on the deflectors so all you have to do is line the deflectors up properly on your classic car. Just make sure the mounting tape is high-quality. It needs to have an excellent adhesive strength to help the deflectors stay put after placement, regardless of how big or heavy they are. Also, verify that the mounting tape is weatherproof. Then if you hit some bad weather, it's not going to break down the tape and subsequently cause your deflectors to fall off. 

If you need to purchase vintage wind deflectors to complete a classic car restoration, you want to be specific with the deflectors you purchase and buy from the right supplier. These actions will ultimately simplify this part-buying process and help you proceed to the installation without lingering issues. 

For more information, contact a vintage car part supplier, such as JES Customs Accents.