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Becoming More Active

What You Need To Know About Getting Your New Ducati Motorcycle Serviced

by Rose Mitchell

Buying a new Ducati motorcycle comes with some maintenance and service requirements that are important to keep your bike running and performing properly. The Ducati motorcycle service intervals are often clear, and neglecting them can have negative results, including performance issues and invalidating warranties on the bike if damage happens due to a lack of service. 

First Service

When you purchase a new Ducati motorcycle, you will often have a break-in period for the motorcycle that allows you to ride and enjoy the machine. After the break-in, the first Ducati motorcycle service will include an oil change and inspection of the bike to ensure everything is in order and working correctly. 

If you have noticed any issues with the machine, this is an excellent time to let the service advisor or tech working on your motorcycle know about it. During the first service, the motorcycle is still covered under warranty. Almost everything on the motorcycle is covered, so anything that is not working can be repaired as long as it is not a result of damage you caused.

If you drop the bike and something is broken, most service departments will fix it, but the warranty may not cover that. The dealer may be able to reduce the repair cost for you, or they may even do simple repairs free to help you since the bike is in the shop, but that will be at the discretion of the dealer doing the work. 

Sevice Intervals 

Determining when to take your new bike in for Ducati motorcycle service is not difficult, and the owner's manual that came with the bike will list the intervals for each service and what is included in it. For most Ducati models, the first service will happen at about fifteen thousand miles, and then oil changes will be required every seventy-five hundred miles thereafter. 

There are some specialized service needs on these motorcycles that the dealer can go over with you, and they will schedule those as needed. Ducati motorcycle service includes the Desmo system that controls the valves and the timing inside the engine every eighteen thousand miles, so talk with the dealer and see if there is a way to combine that service with the oil changes to reduce the time the bike is in the shop. 

If you are unsure when to take your bike in for service, call the dealer when you bought it, and they can help you work out where and when to have the bike serviced. In most situations, the dealer's service department is the best place for your bike service, but some non-dealer shops are authorized to make repairs and do service work and validate the warranty for you.