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Becoming More Active

Four Things You Need To Do To Prepare Your Boat For The Winter

by Rose Mitchell

As winter approaches, a boat owner has to be concerned about protecting his or her boat against the harsh environment that the cold months will bring. This means that you need to prepare your boat ahead of time. This process is called winterization, and there are several important things that you need to do. The following are among the most important.

You need to clean and inspect your boat

Depending upon the type of boat you have, pressure washing is often the best thing to do. This will remove anything that has accumulated from using your boat, such as algae and barnacles. After a good cleaning, you need to look for cracks and blistering on the structure of the boat. Cracks and blistering need to be repaired before storing your boat. The cold weather can make these structural issues worse over the winter, and you won't realize it until the weather begins to warm. Also, make sure you clean the interior, especially any vinyl.

Apply a protectant to the exterior of your boat

You will have to reference your owner's manual; they will likely specify what is best for your boat's particular material. A good coating on the outside of your boat will not only protect the surface during the cold temperatures, but it will also continue to protect your boat when you begin to use it again after the weather warms up. You should also use a good vinyl protection coating to prevent cracking on the seats, benches, and any other vinyl surfaces that will be subject to the winter cold.

Prepare your engine for cold weather

You need to add fuel stabilizer to your gas tank. Make sure the tank is close to being full but not all the way. You should drain your engine and add antifreeze. Also, make sure to change your oil. After doing all of this, you need to run the engine for a few minutes to make sure everything is circulating properly.

Cover your boat

You need to buy a cover for your boat that doesn't fit too loosely. It should cover your entire boat snugly, but at the same time, there should be a certain amount of ventilation, or else moisture can build up inside the cover. This can create mold and mildew so that when the spring comes and you remove your cover, you could end up with damage because your boat was not properly covered.

Everything listed above may not apply to your make and model. Because boats vary in their engines and external construction, it is important to reference your owner's manual. Keep in mind that winterizing your boat can be more complex than the steps listed above, but there are professionals who can perform boat winterization for you.