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Becoming More Active

Buying Your First ATV? Tips And Info You Need To Know First

by Rose Mitchell

If you are considering the purchase of your first ATV, you will quickly learn that it offers several benefits. For starters, getting out and riding an ATV requires physical effort on your part, which can be a workout. Also, riding an ATV can be an exciting experience, which allows your brain to release endorphins. Just by getting outside and enjoying some fresh air, you can improve various aspects of your health. However, there are some tips and info you need to know before you make your purchase.

Choose Nerf Bar Add-Ons

When you purchase your new ATV, you may find there are different add-on options. Of course, you do not need to purchase all the add-ons if you are working with a budget. However, as a new rider, you should consider the addition of nerf bars. Nerf bars are larger than standard size pegs, which means your feet are not as likely to slip off while riding.

New riders can sometimes feel a sense of security when riding a quad, but contrary to popular belief, ATVs can roll over. Nerf bars also help prevent your feet from dragging along the ground while riding. As a new rider, your overall goal should be to maximize your stability and control. You can do that by planting your feet securely on the nerf bars.

Acquire the Proper Gear for Riding

Before you make your purchase, or at least before your first ride, you need to have the correct safety gear. Safety gear is not just for beginners. Even professional riders should wear protective gear to avoid potential injuries. Safety gear recommended for ATV owners include:

  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Goggles

You might also consider elbow and knee pads for added safety and security. Make sure you also have a sturdy pair of shoes to put on your feet. The shoes you choose should have soles with decent grip so you can keep your feet on the pegs or nerf bars. If your feet slip off or you let them dangle, they can get caught on the back tires. If the back tires are spinning at the time, it can lead to avoidable injuries.

Talk to a reputable ATV sales rep to find out more about your first purchase, such as a Polaris ATV. A sales representative can provide you with additional tips and information to ensure you choose the right ATV. He or she can also offer information to make sure your first ride is both enjoyable and safe.