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Becoming More Active

Purchasing A Used Motocross Bike? Tips On What You Should Look For And 3 Accessories You Need

by Rose Mitchell

If you are planning to purchase a motocross bike that is used, you need to inspect it carefully. This will ensure that you purchase a bike that will last you a long time without a lot of problems. There are also some accessories you need to go along with the bike. Below is more information about this to help you get started.

What to Look For

Start out inspecting the exterior of the motocross bike. Look for any oil residue in the fork tubes. If you see this residue, this means the fork seal is blown and needs to be replaced. Check the foot pegs to make sure there is no slope.

Check all knobs to ensure they are in good condition and secure. If there is a problem with any knobs, you will have problems with traction when driving the motocross bike. Inspect the chain for any deterioration or wear. If you see this, the chain should be replaced before you purchase the bike.

Check the interior of the bike next. First, inspect the engine, as this is the most important thing. This is because the engine is expensive to repair or replace. If the engine looks dirty, the bike has likely been driven a lot. In a case like this, the motor cannot generate enough power while you are driving the bike. Ask the seller how many miles the bike has accumulated.

Accessories to Buy

Once you decide on the motocross bike you want to purchase, you need to purchase some accessories to go with it. Some of these accessories include:

  1. Gas tank: If the gas tank on the bike that you purchase is small, you will be constantly refilling it. This will take a lot of time away from driving the bike. To take care of this, have a larger gas tank installed on the bike.
  2. Skid plate: When you drive your bike on different terrain, things like tree stumps, debris, rocks, and more can cause damage under the bike. To help prevent this damage, you should purchase a skid plate to protect the underside of the bike.
  3. Handguards: When driving your bike close to trees, you can easily get your knuckles and hands hit with a branch. This can be painful, but you can protect your hands with handguards.

And here are many more accessories that you can purchase for your bike.

Contact a motocross bike company and they can give you even more information about options like the kx450f motocross bike and others. They also may be able to find a new bike for you that you can afford.