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Becoming More Active

5 Ways To Choose Motocross Boot Designs For A Gift

by Rose Mitchell

Motocross boots are great for riding dirt bikes, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles. These boots are durable, offer easy control, and can last for many years. Whether you're shopping for Gaerne boots or something similar, you have a lot of options to choose from. Instead of just purchasing a gift card, you can make the present special by giving them the boots in person with an order you made yourself. To keep it a surprise, there are five different ways you can order boot styles and designs. The ultimate choice you make will depend on the person you are purchasing for.

Basic Colors

When browsing through boots for sale, there are two basic colors you can purchase: black and white. These colors are easy to match gear with, universally popular, and can be personalized a number of different ways. One of the easiest ways to offer personalization with the boot is by purchasing decals to go with it.

Decals look great on black or white motocross boots. These decals can reflect a variety of companies that the rider uses. Additional decal options include themes like superheroes. For example, a black boot with a yellow Batman decal would turn the boot into a great Batman dedication. The decals can be placed on the boots before you gift them or just as a side accessory.

Custom Boots

If you have a specific boot in mind, you can easily create that by compiling an order for a custom boot. By purchasing a variety of accessories, you have the ability to create all types of design and color combinations.

  • Boot Straps: Order replacement boot straps in a variety of colors to match the color you are looking for. These straps can easily be installed on the boot before you give the gift.
  • Boot Buckles: Along with the strap, a buckle can be purchased in a matching color or contrasting color.

Sports Colors

If the person you are buying boots for has a favorite sports team, then you can represent that team with the boots that you purchase. A wide range of colors are available for motocross boots, so it's easy to find a pair that matches a team.

Follow team color guides to select the appropriate colors from multiple leagues including the NHL, NFL, and MLB. Team decals can also be purchased so the rider can enhance their boots even more.

Vehicle Colors

A lot of motocross riders like to match their gear with the equipment that they ride. Use the colors of their dirt bike or ATV to find a matching pair of boots. It's also a good idea to find a slight contrast or complimenting colors. For example, if someone's dirt bike is mostly red with a little blue, then you can compliment that design by purchasing boots that are mostly blue with a little red.

If you are unsure of the exact colors, try browsing through their social media page for images of the dirt bike. This will help you gather information without giving away your gift purchase ideas.

Package Deals

Instead of purchasing just boots, you can create a whole package where the boots are the centerpiece. Matching gear can create a great outfit that riders will get a lot of use out of.

  • Gloves: Matching gloves can often be purchased from the same company or featuring similar colors.
  • Socks: Enhance the comfort of the boot by adding some socks to the package.
  • Riding Pants & Shirt: Complete the package with a riding outfit. This will help a person match their boots without having to purchase the additional gear themselves.

Before placing an order, try to get the most accurate boot size. This will help prevent returns and allow you to give a gift that can be used right away.